Using Thermal Imaging is a great way to see what the human eye can't see.

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Infrared Thermography Certification ITC is written proof of a professional infrared qualified Thermographer. When trained by ITC for Infrared Thermography Certification, you are engaging a Certified Thermographer from the world's leading infrared training organisation.

​ITC infrared certification verifies the Thermographer’s ability to operate an infrared camera, collect quality data, produce professional infrared inspection reports, and understand the techniques and limitations of infrared thermography for specific applications.

A building inspection is one thing, but a thermal Imaging inspection is something else altogether. There is a lot more going on behind the walls of a building than you realise, and that is where a thermal imaging inspection comes into play. These non-intrusive and affordable inspections are a great way to see what the human eye cannot. 

Thermographic inspections are becoming more and more popular, especially as a standard prepurchase inspection option for people considering buying a new home and wanting to make a fully informed decision.

How does it work?

The human eye can only see a tiny section of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, what we call Visible Light. Just below Visible Light is Infrared Light, what we would typically call “heat”. A thermal camera can see this Infrared Light wavelength and can show us where all that heat is escaping from. The detection of thermal gradients can also show warning signs of damp or mould hiding behind the walls that you may not know about. This not only decreases the value of your home but is a serious health hazard. The problem with mould is, it likes to grow in places that you cannot see. A thermographic inspection saves you from ripping your walls apart.

Why work with us

Why work with us 

  • NZiBi Registered Building Inspectors
  • ITC Certified Thermographers
  • We offer independent reports with no “vested interest” in finding or hiding problems
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  • We can make the invisible visible
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