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Our building inspectors are registered with the NZiBi and our thermographers are certified to minimum Level 1 standards as specified by the Infrared Training Centre (ITC) and have other trade certifications with years of experience.

How do I know if the inspection will help me?

Some other inspection companies don’t understand the science behind Thermal Imaging. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We will explain the whole process of the thermal, infrared inspection to you with regard to your particular situation and help you plot a solution.

How long does it take and what are the fees?

Before we leave to inspect a site, a cost estimate is approved by the client.

An average residence can be inspected in 1.5 hours to 2 hours with 2 additional hours for report generation. On large homes or commercial projects, it can be longer depending on the nature of the inspection.

Is my report confidential?

Yes. We take our clients confidentiality seriously. All findings and records are not passed on to any third parties unless requested in writing.

Is infrared thermal imaging safe for people and buildings?

Yes, as safe as any camera.  Used in the medical industry for many years.
Thermal imaging is the leading non-destructive, non-invasive form of inspections available today. We can discuss options and on request provide a more invasive inspection.

How does infrared thermal imaging detect moisture?

An infrared thermal camera will show a thermal anomaly and the presence of moisture is confirmed using a pinless, non invasive moisture meter. Other inspection companies may provide a moisture test using the same non invasive moisture meter, however they simply cannot reach and test every area in the house. How do they test a 6 metre high ceiling? They don't!  By using a thermal imaging camera, HS Building Inspections can see more areas and identify anomalies present, not visible to the naked eye, so we are confident we are providing a more accurate inspection.

What will you see?

Good question...  It depends on the site, how it was constructed and the conditions surrounding the inspection including the temperature, location etc.  We guarantee that we will see a lot more than any other inspectors using just the naked eye. We make the invisible visible.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can thermal imaging cameras see through walls?

The basic answer is no. Although it appears as if you are seeing through the walls, you are actually seeing the temperature changes on the wall due to materials, moisture etc directly on or behind the wall.

To a Certified Thermographer this provides valuable information while providing a Comprehensive Building / Thermal Imaging Inspection. To others, this is technology they just don’t understand!

Why work with us

HS Building Inspections reports work to the NZ Standard 4306:2005 and cover the following inspections:

  • Track n Trace
  • Structural
  • Foundations
  • External cladding
  • Moisture testing
  • Invasive / Destructive testing
  • Electrical 
  • Drainage
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Grounds survey
  • Internal linings
  • Insulation
  • Weathertightness checks

Anything else…let’s talk

What our customers say

Highly recommend...

Very well explained, went through with us personally and answered all our questions. I would highly recommend HS Building Inspections.

Mr Morton, Auckland

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Thanks for your professional advice...

Thank you for checking the property in Mairangi Bay. I didn’t purchase the house due to what you listed in the report. 

Thanks for your professional advice too. I have now found another house. I will need you to check this as well.

Ms Buckley, Auckland

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Thorough and well written

Our solicitor in Wellington told us that in 30 years of practice, he had not seen a more thorough & well written building inspection report! Well done you!

Geraldine O'Leary, USA

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