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Insurance companies are now insisting that a thermographic inspection be completed as a means of assessing insurance compliance and the risk, prior to formalising a policy. A small investment now, could save tens of thousands of dollars down the track, preventing equipment failure and lost production and even reducing your insurance premium.

Depending on your brief, number of locations surveyed, the size of the boards and number of anomalies found, our Electrical Thermographic Inspections with written reports, start from as little as $450+GST. You may not be aware that most problems can be fixed immediately. This offers considerable time and cost savings.

Alongside an Electrician, an HSBI Certified Thermographer will provide an accurate report of any temperature anomalies on your electrical equipment. Using an approved Thermal IR camera, we will undertake the necessary infrared tests to detect any overloading or excess heat in wiring systems. This inspection not only reduces the risk of a serious electrical incident, but also helps improve system performance. Excess heat in electrical systems is a serious warning sign and detecting these issues before they become a problem is only possible with an approved Thermal IR camera. Infrared thermography plays a vital role in identifying a wide range of problems in your electrical system including poor connections, load imbalances, overloaded circuits and faulty or improperly installed components.

We are ITC Certified Thermographers and have a Qualified Electrical Inspector and Registered Master Electrician or alternatively we can work in with your electrician.

Why work with us

Why work with us 

  • ITC Certified Thermographers
  • Qualified Electrical Inspectors and Registered Master Electricians
  • We can offer Insurance Electrical Compliance Inspections
  • Section 4/5, Certificate of Verification electrical inspections in accordance with NZS 3019:2007 (COV)
  • NZS 3019 Periodic Verification - Forms 1 and 2 and Thermographic Imaging Reports
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC)
  • Any other requested Electrical Inspection