Insulation, Heating, Ventilation & Air-Flow - Its effect on mould and moisture in buildings

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With energy costs on the rise, people are looking at how to save money where heating is concerned. A thermal imaging inspection can show you where the heat in your home is escaping to, and how to stop it. From poor insulation to thermal bridging and draughts, there are many factors that could lead to unnecessary heat loss. Identifying and fixing these problems not only saves you money but is also better for the environment. A lack of ventilation and moisture found within a property are deficiencies that can cause excessive condensation occurring, producing musty smells and mould which is unhealthy.

Two basic concepts are key in understanding the potential problems. Warm air becoming cold is almost always bad, however cold air becoming warm almost never creates a moisture problem.

Something you need to be aware of before making upgrades to the property is that the property is made up of many different systems (heating, cooling, insulation, ventilation etc) all working together to perform their intended functions. A critical mistake many specialty contractors and homeowners make is not to view a property as a whole. Very seldom can you upgrade or make changes in one area of the property, without it impacting on another area. We provide an independent assessment of the whole property with no vested interest in finding or hiding problems, only a commitment to professional service.

Why work with us

Why work with us 

  • NZiBi Registered Building Inspectors
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  • We offer independent reports with no “vested interest” in finding or hiding problems
  • Our commitment to you is to provide a professional, thorough service
  • We can make the invisible visible
  • Value for money
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