Why you need a building inspection before selling or buying a home

Published: 14 July 2021

When it comes to building inspections, a lot of companies tend to look at what’s on the surface instead of what’s going on behind the scenes. Many people don’t realise that to get an accurate picture of what’s really going on, we need to look behind walls, ceilings and under the floors. 

HS Building Inspections know the importance of checking these hard to reach places. Our team of fully qualified inspectors have the experience and knowledge to provide a fully comprehensive report, both written and verbal. We make sure you know exactly what’s going on in plain English, so you’re not left with any surprises after we’re gone. We know how important an inspection is when it comes to determining a property’s true condition, so we have a core set of checks and balances which safeguard your interests; whether buying or selling.

Why you should order a building inspection before selling

There’s no point putting your house up for sale and then getting a building inspection. What if you’ve got a leaky roof you didn’t know about? The new buyers aren’t going to be happy. At the very least they will want the price dropped, and worse case scenario, they will pull out of the deal altogether.

Ordering a building inspection before going to market will mean any deal will be less likely to fall through at the last minute. A house on the market with a building inspection already carried out and certified as having no problems will be much more likely to sell, giving you a succinct advantage over other sellers.

Buyers want to know the home they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on is free from problems and is not one of those dreaded “leaky homes”. Being able to show them a thorough report from a professional and reputable building inspection company is a great way to put someone’s mind at ease.

What happens during a building inspection?

If you order a building inspection from us, then our experienced staff will come to your home and spend the day carrying out a thorough and detailed report of the premises. We will keep you informed at every step of the way, explaining what’s happening and showing you the analysis as it comes through. 

The report will look at several key features in and out of the home, including construction quality, the materials used, and any repairs needed.

Outside the building

A building inspection doesn’t just cover the building - it also covers the surrounding property.

A checklist of the outside is then ticked off one by one. A note of the materials used and their condition is first. From the deck through to the guttering, everything is inspected, noting what condition the material used is in and if it needs replacing.

The second item on the checklist is any area considered a risk. These are areas that are dangerous due to a lack of maintenance, bad workmanship at the beginning, or simple bad luck… all these things need to be checked and noted. The thermal imaging camera comes out next, and with it we are able to detect moisture and damp. 

Once the inspection of the outside is complete, we photograph all potential areas of concern and explain what needs further attention and why.  Our team will explain the risk factors involved if no further action is taken and the potential consequences. 

Inside the building

Our building inspections are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, yet we still manage to cover every area of your home. All rooms are inspected, including bedrooms, hallways and garages. Each area is checked for any obvious damage, then less obvious, such as denigration of material or bad workmanship. Security and electrical systems are also checked, along with heating systems such as open fires or ventilation pumps. ​

The thermal imaging camera comes out again, searching for hidden moisture behind walls or ceilings. This is especially important inside the home, as it can detect damp and mould, which is a serious health hazard. We can also see where heat is escaping from your home, through doors and windows, helping you save when it comes to home heating.

Almost everything is checked in an internal building inspection, from the plumbing to the hot water cylinder. The wiring in the house is checked for faults, and we even check the smoke detectors are up to scratch!

Call HS Building Inspections for a stress free move

Moving home is one of the most demanding times in a person’s life. A fully comprehensive building inspection report is at least one thing that can reduce the stress. A home with a building inspection is easier to sell, and if buying, can give you peace of mind.

Our reports look into every aspect of your home, but at the same time are completely unobtrusive. If you would like to know more or want to order a building inspection, then give us a call today. Our friendly and professional staff will be only too happy to help. 

Who are HS Building Inspections?​

​HS Building Inspections specialise in full comprehensive, non-invasive reports on your home and property. Our professional and highly experienced team are qualified to undertake building inspections, including thermographic, structural and electrical inspections.

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